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Avita Yoga for Osteoperosis

Most of you know Avita Yoga is for the bones, but did you know there have been formal studies on the benefits of yoga for Osteoporosis? It’s true. In 2005 Dr. Loren Fishman conducted a multi-year study that found 12 yoga shapes, practiced four times per week, could reverse Osteoporosis. Pretty exciting!

But guess what? It’s not just doing the yoga that helps; it’s HOW you do it that makes all the difference!

We’ll cover the shapes and the principles of effective practice for the bones. The workshop will help you get the most from each shape and get the desired results.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why Avita Yoga and our approach to the shapes increase bone density
  • Why you DO NOT need to be flexible to benefit from Avita Yoga
  • How to find peace when the fear of bone loss can be so frightening
  • How to get the most from every moment of practice
  • How to increase mobility AND increase bone density

Workshop Includes:

  • Live Workshop Replay in 3 parts
  • 12 Shapes for Osteoporosis 40-minute class
  • 60-Minute Avita Yoga for Osteoporosis class (using sandbags)
  • 12 Shapes Shapes PDF (Downloadable with Part 2)
  • Physiology of Avita Yoga Informational Video

You’ll benefit from each shape to regain youth and mobility and strengthen your bones and joints!

Dear Jeff,

I really enjoyed the workshop for osteoporosis. I don’t have osteoporosis and am hoping that with faithful Avita yoga practice I never will. I took my time, as you suggested, and spread my participation over three days which gave the satisfying feeling of actually being away on retreat. I enjoyed the three part set-up.

I’m very thinky so benefit greatly in the mixture of explanations and body work. I like how you have eliminated the classic yoga flourishes and reduced the twelve shapes to their essence and intention. The pdf is extremely helpful and I’m planning to commit to memory at least some of the shapes so that I can practice them here and there.

The students in the workshop were very lovely and generous in their sharing. It’s always a pleasure to see the age range and to be able to ‘recognize’ my cohort among the older participants. They are both earnest and having fun whatever their flexibility.

I think I have been doing Avita yoga for two or three years now and can feel many benefits. A sudden thought came to me unbidden on the mat towards the very end of the third session: Oh, there’s that little flexible girl inside me who has been long forgotten.’

Thank you, Jeff, for your Avita yoga, for your deep knowledge, tender teaching methods, clear explanations, and wonderful flowing lesson plans.


Jean E



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