Avita Teacher Training

The teacher training is for those inspired to deepen their practice and understanding of Avita Yoga. It’s for those who want to share, learn, and grow.

It’s not only what you teach, but how you teach it

Simple Movement, Transformative Results

It’s time to slip below the surface and find a more heartfelt purpose. Yoga is an inside job. With the body as an agent for inquiry, this teacher training is for anyone who wants to grow. It is healing for the student and transformative for the teacher. 

  • Build community and make new friends
  • Learn how to identify and resolve compensatory patterns
  • Ground yourself with practical skills to help yourself and others
  • Find lasting peace in uncertain times
  • Learn practical, applied anatomy and physiology
  • Discover what it means “to join”
  • Learn the Socratic art of inquiry to inform both teacher and student
  • Refine teaching skills for powerful private and group practice
  • Practice teaching online and in person
  • Develop hands-on skills
  • Realize there are no accidents–your whole life is perfect for blossoming
  • Bring hidden talents to the surface
For the Teacher

A teacher must first have a sincere desire to heal oneself. Second, comes the desire to help others. The Avita Teacher Training is geared toward this healing process and awakening to Self. Ultimately we realize we heal together. Honest self-study or Svadhyaya keeps us honest, healthy, and whole along the way.

To share and teach Avita Yoga is a profoundly fulfilling responsibility. Moving closer to the inherent peace and happiness we share will foster the same for your students. Throughout the training, you will fill your life’s “toolbox” with many helpful tools for yourself and others.

For the Student

Not sure if you want to teach? This teacher training welcomes anyone wanting deepen their understanding of Avita Yoga. As a student, you will learn about yourself, grow with others and draw out hidden gifts you were created to share. Come to this training to develop universal teaching skills and add Avita Yoga to your lifelong “box of tools” for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The format, material, and content are for all.

Success will always depend on one’s willingness to remain a student. Beginner’s mind “begins” with genuine humility and open-mindedness, essential to access the guidance of true Self. No matter how “advanced” we become, beginner’s mind keeps the practice fresh, compelling, and helpful.

Why Avita Yoga Teacher Training?

Come to this training to learn about yourself, grow with others, and draw out hidden gifts you were created to share. Whether through a formal teaching setting or not, we all teach through demonstration! Thus, it’s our yoga to gain clarity on who we are and what we teach. Come to this training to develop universal teaching skills and add Avita Yoga to your lifelong “box of tools” for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The format, material, and content is rich and practical!

  • Learn how anatomy and physiology relate in Avita Yoga & daily life.
  • Identify hidden obstacles and cultivate a personal practice to help resolve them.
  • Gain an understanding of pattern analysis and how Avita unwinds it.
  • Learn new skills for sharing Avita Yoga with others.
  • 50 written and illustrated class plans to practice and teach.
  • A certificate of completion to be a certified Avita Yoga teacher.
  • Access to Avita teachers’ network & community support.

Part I: Teaching Essentials

Part One is rich with theory, anatomy, physiology, and practice. It contains the essential ingredients to understand and share the uniquely healing aspects of Avita Yoga. Significant spiritual components help open the mind and unwind past limitations. The program is delivered over six months with mostly prerecorded content. Each month culminates with live sessions to connect, answer questions, and review the quiz. Trainees are paired with a new online partner each month to practice teaching with their newfound skills.

Content is heavy in the early months and tapers toward the end to allow integration and more time to practice teaching. Graduates will have all the necessary skills to teach Avita Yoga and will receive a teaching certificate.

Part I Structure and Hours

110 hours of online courses
40 hours of personal study/practice teaching
50 hours of practice
200 hours total

Practice and learn at your own pace, but all course content must be completed by the end of the 6th month. Live monthly video calls help structure the time, and written homework instruction is written to help trainees make the most of their time. All live sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Dates for 2023

Coming soon!

The certified Avita Yoga Teacher will have developed a home practice, be able to teach to small groups (online and in-person), teach a private session, and have a deeper awareness of Self, the cornerstone of health and happiness.

Avita Curriculum

Hybrid Learning

Most content is presented online, with all sessions recorded and available for review in the student learning portal. In part II, the advancing teacher attends in person to refine skills and learn hands-on techniques.

Practical Philosophy

Everything worth learning must be applicable and practical. Why bother learning if we can’t apply it to our lives and experience the benefits? This principle is equally true for Anatomy and Physiology and, perhaps most importantly, for yoga’s philosophical components.

We will use the classic story of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse as our lead-in to the spiritual aspect of the practice. What is “spiritual” but anything that brings us closer to lasting peace and clarity. Siddhartha (Shambhala Publications) is the story of a young man working through the trials and tribulations of life, with the deep desire to awaken. Is this not the goal of anyone on the yogic journey? We’ll read it like poetry and read between the lines to extract the deepest insights that Hesse was conveying to his readers.

We’ll discuss supporting correlations in The Yoga Sutras through the Yoga Mind, a book co-authored by Jeff Bailey and his friend Gene Langlois. Jeff will also share excerpts from his upcoming book, Avita Yoga, A Better Way in Body and Mind.


Anatomy will be practical and applied. You will learn body parts as a way to better understand the impact of Avita Yoga on them. Anatomy comes easy when it’s related to the way we move or not. It doesn’t help to memorize a bunch of parts, but it can be very helpful to identify the parts and pieces that get stuck and how Avita can undo them. You need not purchase an anatomy book, but many like to have one on hand. Any detailed anatomy book will do.


You’ll love learning how the body works as you learn how and why Avita impacts it! It’s motivational to our practice when we see how it affects the body and mind. No book is required.

Class Plans and Teaching Manual

Participants will receive an Avita Method Teachers Manual and 50 written Avita class plans, all designed to support the aspiring teacher through the training and in years to come. Class plans are written and illustrated with blank space for note-taking during the training. The manual is full of helpful content, some of which we’ll use along the way and some for future reference.

Part II: Avita Advanced Therapeutics

Part Two is in-person and may include students from prior teacher training programs. The advancing teacher refines their skill by teaching to their peer group and taking/observing live classes with Jeff. We go deep with compensatory pattern analysis in standing, sitting, and walking. You’ll learn to see more with your eyes and feel more with your hands. You’ll learn how to use the smallest of hands-on cues to facilitate significant changes for your students. It’s a lot of fun and takes a retreat-oriented format over five days, where you’ll gain confidence in what you see and feel with your students.

We’ll meet at the Avita Yoga Retreat Center in Clitheral, MN. It’s Minnesota lake country, and it’s beautiful! In addition to our Avita practice and training, we’ll enjoy walks in nearby state parks, dine at classic northern Minnesota restaurants, paddle board, canoe, kayak, and boat in lovely Battle Lake. We’ll hold a BBQ at our lake cabin on Saturday night to celebrate our friendship and newfound knowledge.

  • Breakfast throughout
  • Group dinners at local restaurants
  • BBQ at Jeff and Lori’s Lake House
  • Yoga classes and hands-on teacher training
  • Lovely lake time and lots of fun!

Payment Options

Upon registration, you will gain access to the Avita Yoga platform and practice with Jeff through livestream, on-demand videos, workshops, and more. A $354 value alone. Home practice is essential to becoming a great teacher.

Part I


Paid in full — Save $350!


Three equal payments. Beginning, middle, and end.

Part II


double occupancy, share & save!


single occupancy

Avita Community Network

Ongoing support for all Avita teachers and graduates

  • Authorization to use the Avita Yoga® registered trademark
  • Video instruction addressing injuries, compensatory patterns, and other unique students’ needs
  • Monthly support calls with Jeff Bailey and fellow teachers
  • Marketing support, materials, and guidelines to promote your business
  • Unlimited access to online classes
  • Additional written class plans

The Avita Teacher Pass (available upon certification) provides all this and everything the Online Practice Pass offers for $59 per month. It is not a requirement but an affordable way to stay connected and maintain a practice. It is for those who see the value and want continued support and additional class plans.

Student Feedback from Avita Teacher Training