Avita Teacher Training

Avita Teacher Training is designed equally for teachers who plan to teach and students who want to learn & grow.

It’s not only what you teach, but how you teach it

Simple Movement, Transformative Results

It’s time to slip below the surface and find a more heartfelt purpose. Truth’s discovery is an inside job. With the body as an agent for inquiry, Avita teacher training is for anyone, no matter  “where they are” according to their ability, age, and constitution. This aspect of the curriculum is deeply healing for the student and incredible for the teacher in training. 

  • Build community and make new friends
  • Learn how to identify and resolve compensatory patterns
  • Ground yourself with practical skills to help yourself and others
  • Find lasting peace in uncertain times, the most practical goal of yoga. To join.
  • Learn the Socratic art of true inquiry to better inform both teacher and student
  • Learn therapeutic teaching skills for powerful private sessions, both online and in-person
  • Learn more about yourself and bring hidden talents to the surface.
For the Teacher

A teacher must have a sincere desire to help others with an equal willingness to help and heal oneself. The backbone of Avita teacher training is geared toward this healing process and awakening of the Self. Honest self-study or Svadhyaya keeps the teacher honest, healthy, and whole as they help others. Teaching comprehension of Avita improves through self-study, giving the words deeper meaning as skills improve.

To share and teach Avita Yoga is a profoundly fulfilling responsibility. Throughout the training, you will fill your life’s “toolbox”. Sharing the peace and happiness that Avita brings will foster the same experience for your students as well.

For the Student

Even if you have no inkling to become a teacher, Avita teacher training welcomes anyone who has a willingness to grow in their own life. As a student, you will learn about yourself, grow with others and draw out hidden gifts that you were created to share. Come to this training to develop universal teaching skills and add Avita Yoga to your lifelong “box of tools” for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The format, material, and content are for all.

Success will always depend on one’s willingness to remain a student. How do we become teachers while maintaining a beginner’s mind? Beginner’s mind “begins” with true humility and open-mindedness, essential to access the guidance of true Self. No matter how “advanced” we become, beginner’s mind keeps the practice fresh, compelling, and truly helpful.

Why Avita Yoga Teacher Training?

Come to this training to learn about yourself, grow with others, and draw out hidden gifts that you were created to share. Whether through a formal teaching setting or not, we all teach through demonstration! If so, it’s our yoga to get crystal clear on who we are and what we teach. Come to this training to develop universal teaching skills and add Avita Yoga to your lifelong “box of tools” for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The format, material, and content are for anyone and all!

The training is designed for remote, online learning, so you can be anywhere in the world. All sessions are recorded and made available on the student learning portal. Upon commencement of the training, in-person gatherings will be arranged for those who are local. The same will be made available (indefinitely) for those participating remotely through any live events, retreats, workshops, or regularly scheduled classes.

What to Expect

  • Gain a fun and practical understanding of anatomy and physiology related to Avita.
  • Integrate intricate details of Avita Yoga into your practice.
  • Identify hidden obstacles and cultivate a personal home practice to help resolve them.
  • Gain an understanding of pattern analysis – how you move through life, and how Avita can help unwind it.
  • Learn new skills for sharing Avita Yoga with others & fall in love with your practice.
  • 50 written and illustrated class plans to practice and teach.
  • A certificate of completion & license to be a certified Avita Method teacher.
  • Access to Avita teachers network & community support.
  • Meet new people and make new friends.
  • Move, laugh, learn, and have fun.

Upon completion, the certified Avita Yoga Teacher will have developed a home practice, be able to teach to small groups (online and in-person), teach a private session, and have a deeper self-understanding, the cornerstone of health and happiness.

Three Payment Options

Upon registration you will gain access to the Avita Yoga platform so you can begin practicing with Jeff through livestream, on-demand video, workshops, and more. A $719 value alone. Home practice is an important ingredient to becoming a great teacher.

All plans include $500 non-refundable deposit

6-Month Installments
$550/ month for 6 months
  • recurring payment for 6 months
  • $3750 Total
Pay as you go
$650for Session 1
  • Try for 1 month
  • Purchase per month
  • Must commit by session 3

Avita Community Network

The Avita Teachers Network is an ongoing support system for all Avita teachers

  • Authorization to use the Avita Yoga® registered trademark
  • Video instruction addressing injuries, compensatory patterns, and other unique student needsMonthly support calls with Jeff Bailey and fellow teachers
  • Location finder on AvitaOnline website
  • Marketing support, materials, guidelines to promote your business
    Unlimited access to classes either online or in-person
  • Additional written class plans

The annual licensing fee is for those who want to use the Avita® brand and have ongoing support. It is not a requirement. It is for those serious about teaching, see the value, and want continued support and additional class plans. All who graduate have 50 class plans that will serve them well.

Teacher Testimonial

Lisa Repp Parsons
Yoga teacher for 17 years, Avita Teacher

“I am grateful for the experience of the Avita Teacher Training. Having taught other styles of yoga for the past 17 years, none of them resonated with me as deeply as Avita. Being able to meet and connect with other proponents of the practice from around the globe and share this practice, had a power all its own.

Through the training, I was able to expand my own practice and deepen the connection between mind, body and spirit. Jeff has an incredible ability to relay the finer points of Avita in such a meaningful manner. He balances the importance of practice with lightness, bringing a fun sense of humor to his teaching, reminding us to bring those qualities with us off our mats and into our daily lives.

He will challenge you to look inside and trust yourself in order for you to better connect with your students. I am excited to be teaching Avita as I continue to hone my own practice. You will not be disappointed making the commitment to the training!”