Avita Teacher Training

Deepen your personal knowledge.
Learn or teach the Avita way, where movement is medicine and everyone can heal.

Simple Movement, Transformative Results

Are you ready to slip below the surface and find a heartfelt purpose? Yoga is an inside job. With the body as an agent for inquiry, this teacher training is for anyone who wants to transform, heal and grow…in body and mind. 

  • Build community and make new friends
  • Learn how to identify and resolve compensatory patterns
  • Ground yourself with practical skills to help yourself and others
  • Find lasting peace in uncertain times
  • Learn practical, applied anatomy and physiology
  • Discover what it means “to join”
  • Learn the Socratic art of inquiry to inform both teacher and student
  • Refine teaching skills for powerful private and group practice
  • Practice teaching online and in person
  • Develop hands-on skills
  • Realize there are no accidents–your whole life is perfect for blossoming
  • Bring hidden talents to the surface

Avita Teacher Training is easy to access in 2 parts: Teacher Essentials & Advanced Therapeutics

You can register for Part 1 and / or Part 2, depending on preference

Payment Options

Part 1 – Essentials

February – July, 2023



Paid in full — Save $200!

3 Easy payments


Begins on enrolment date

Part 2 – Therapeutics

September 6-11, 2023


Single occupancy


Double occupancy, share & save!

Why Avita Yoga Teacher Training?

Come to this training to clarify your mind, grow with others, and draw out hidden gifts you were created to share. This training will develop universal teaching skills that you can use in all aspects of your life. It is sure to enrich your personal and professional life. The format, material, and content are rich and practical!

  • Learn how anatomy and physiology relate to Avita Yoga & daily life.
  • Identify hidden obstacles and cultivate a personal practice to resolve them.
  • Gain an understanding of pattern analysis.
  • Learn new skills for sharing Avita Yoga with others.
  • 50 written and illustrated class plans to practice and teach.
  • Become a certified Avita Yoga teacher.
  • Access to Avita teachers’ network & community support.

Ongoing support for all Avita teachers and graduates

Avita Community Network

  • Authorization to use the Avita Yoga® registered trademark
  • Video instruction addressing injuries, compensatory patterns, and other unique students needs
  • Monthly support calls with Jeff Bailey and fellow teachers
  • Marketing support, materials, and guidelines to promote your business
  • Unlimited access to online classes
  • Additional written class plans

The Avita Teacher Pass (available upon certification) provides all this and everything the Online Practice Pass offers for $59 per month. It is not a requirement but an affordable way to stay connected and maintain a practice. It is for those who see the value and want continued support and additional class plans.