Yoga for a Lifetime

Avita Yoga® uses a variety of shapes and sequences to identify restrictions that impede natural movement and freedom. These attainable shapes promote healing in the here and now, not someday. The results-first approach delivers physical relief and peace of mind. It’s a practice nearly anyone can do to bring more freedom and joy to life.

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“I remember Jeff saying that this work is about creating mobility in the parts of the body that need greater freedom and creating stability in the parts of the body that need stability. It brought it all together for me right in that moment, and I understood what I was doing there. I remember softening into my body and asking, 'OK body, what do you need from me now? ”

A Practice for Everyone

Avita Yoga is for anyone regardless of age or body type. No experience is necessary. Avita can provide healing relief for those with physical pain due to chronic illness, injury, or aging. We use non-aggressive, attainable yoga shapes to target the bones and joints where the problems originate. We build natural strength while resolving compensation patterns and undoing the blockages to lasting freedom.

Peace of Mind

Avita taps into the healing nature of the mind. It has helped many people work through chronic pain and debilitating injuries, but perhaps most importantly, it is a practice that promotes lasting peace of mind. A spiritual practice can mean different things, but with Avita Yoga, we use healing sensation in doable shapes to bring us closer to a peaceful state of mind.

Lifetime of Patterning

We are born with and develop unique patterns and tendencies that shape our bodies and lives. The cumulative effects of life’s physical and emotional trials can build negative habits in the body and mind. Avita Yoga identifies and addresses these compensatory patterns and resolves them at their source.

How it Works

Avita works primarily on the connective tissue to dissolve restrictions. Gentle compression has a cleansing inside the joints which, along with increased range of motion enhances blood flow, nourishes tissues and removes toxins. Synovial joint fluid is cleansed to restore healthy function and resolve arthritis, degneration, stiffness and pain. Lasting results come because the nervous system and mind is calmed along the way.

Why it Works

Pain is not the problem! It’s the messenger. When we try to “get rid of the pain,” we avoid the problem, often leading to further complications. Additionally, the pain and problem are rarely in the same place. Avoiding or eliminating the pain does not address the actual problem or the underlying compensatory patterns associated with it. Rather than chase the pain around the body, Avita Yoga uses pain as a guide (along with feedback through attainable yoga shapes) to source the pain and resolve it.

Results First

Avita is not a workout but a work-in. The goal of Avita is improved circulation, health, and function, not the ability to perform or advance the shape and “get it right.” It is inherently personal for every practitioner, so newcomers are always in good company and often get quick results. The practice is naturally meditative, and students experience a calm mind and more freedom for their bodies.