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Breathe easy, move in the healing power of now, improve mobility, and find peace of mind.

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Movement to transform your body and mind

Avita Yoga is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind. Nearly anyone can benefit because it uses attainable shapes to rejuvenate tissues in and around the joints. The result is more health, mobility, and peace of mind.

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Avita Yoga uses attainable yoga shapes to deliver lasting results for all ages and abilities.

Teacher Training

Become a certified Avita Yoga® teacher or deepen your practice; this online/in-person hybrid program is enlightening and practical!

Retreats & Workshops

Join us in nature’s most beautiful locations to cultivate your practice and rejuvenate your spirit.

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We can tell you about the lasting results of Avita Yoga, but far better to hear it from those who have experienced the benefits.

Founder of Avita Yoga

Meet Jeff Bailey

Over the past 40 years, Jeff Bailey has been studying and practicing yoga’s physical and spiritual aspects. Facing the challenges of age, physical limitations, injuries, and surgery, Jeff was given a way to apply his experience as a trained Rolfer and teacher to a results-first approach called Avita Yoga, where students feel the benefits almost immediately.

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Students for a Lifetime

Calling all Teachers...

The Avita Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone with the desire to heal. It is designed equally for teachers who plan to teach and students who want better to understand the theory and foundation of the practice.

Avita Yoga For Life Podcast

Follow Jeff Bailey, founder of Avita Yoga as we explore how yoga can heal almost anything with a self-forgiving approach.

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Freedom of Movement

Featured Workshops

Avita featured workshops stimulate healing and create freedom of movement. These classes are offered on-demand and are included in the Practice and Dedicated Practice Memberships.