Purpose & Ideals

Our mission is to guide others through a uniquely healing method which will bring physical and spiritual benefits to their lives. Our core values are reflected in our philosophy.

Avita's Core Values


Healing in the power of NOW, not someday

HOW: The core foundation at the heart of Avita Yoga is establishing a healing state of mind. This is the practice of yoga! It’s an experience, not something to accomplish! We won’t succeed in pursuing Nowness, but we will succeed by removing the blocks to the awareness of It. Healing can only happen in the present vs. planning a better future outcome. The body may take some time, but we can quickly access a healed state of mind, which must occur for lasting results.


Simple movements, Transformative results

HOW: Avita Yoga is intrinsically unique because it uses attainable shapes that promote physical and emotional wellbeing by reorganizing the patterns and habits that accrue through aging, injury, and surgery.


Unfold naturally, grow together

HOW: Avita is a universal yoga designed to be shared. It fosters a sense of Wholeness through gentle self-study, theory, and practice. Avita is for those inspired to learn and teach the Method in their communities worldwide.


Movement for a lifetime

HOW: Finding the inner resistance and observing it without judgment is the miracle that heals and undoes blockages. Avita Yoga is a self-inquiry that helps the practitioner undo the blockages to freedom and the realization of true Self, the goal of a lifetime.


A moving meditation through Self-love

HOW: The root meaning of Avita is “for life.” It is a systematic way of investigating the body and mind from the inside out. Avita Yoga is named for the rejuvenating effects on the body while harmonizing the mind to bring lasting freedom, peace, and happiness.