The foundation of Avita stems from timeless, non-dual principles

Yoga Sutras and the Origination of Avita

Over 2,000 years old, the Yoga Sutras hold the keys to yoga practice, which has little to do with the body and everything to do with the mind! Like many spiritual paths, the Sutras point the way to the peaceful and happy true Self.

Most of us prefer our way to a better way because the ego resists giving up control, so for many, life has to get dark enough to want a better way. But we need not wait! Avita Yoga goes deep to bring health and mobility where we need it most in the bones and joints while removing the obstacles to lasting inner peace and joy.

The Sutras are the backbone of Avita Yoga. They work because they speak to the mind, not the body. Most interpretations of The Sutras focus on behavioral changes. But carefully read, the Yoga Sutras (like A Course in Miracles) do not ask for behavior modification. Instead, they ask us to challenge how we think and see the body for healing to occur. They point us toward our shared truth. Norman Vincent Peale summed it up: Change your thoughts and change your world. Gentle willingness is the only requirement.

Avita Yoga was borne from these fundamental principles. It often brings quick and lasting results.

The Yoga Sutras According to A Course in Miracles

Two paths, one truth. The Yoga Mind combines The Yoga Sutras and A Course in Miracles in a way that allows you to apply their shared universal message directly to your life. Simple and yet profound, this book provides the keys to open the door to true Self! It works.