Podcasts with Jeff Bailey

Listen to Avita Yoga for Life, where he addresses questions from his practicing community of students. It will help you understand the unique approach of Avita Yoga. 

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The Yoga Mind Podcast

The yoga mind is healed, happy, and whole. It’s our yoga to “join” with this Self by identifying and removing the barriers to It. In so doing, we learn that happiness is our natural inheritance. Using themes from A Course in Miracles, Jeff invites participants to heal and give up the shadows to Love’s Light through short, meaningful interludes. Enjoy the previous recordings or Tune in live in the “Zoom Sanctuary” on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month from 5:30-6:00 pm ET.

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TRULY Live Interview with Jeff Bailey
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TRULY Live S3 Episode 10

The interview starts at about 11:00 minute mark. This podcast may be my best description of Avita Yoga and how it works. Later we address…
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Unlocking the True Essence of Yoga

With nearly 38 years of yoga experience, Jeff combines anatomy and spirituality in his unique practice, influenced by A Course in Miracles. It emphasizes peace…