Avita FAQ

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Online Practice

Yes! Click here to enjoy some free introductory classes. You might even watch them the first time and practice them the second time. They work!

Replay videos are available online 24-7. Click on Categories and scroll down to the kind of class you want to take.
Upcoming classes are available at pre-scheduled times.

Jeff may be assisting someone that does not appear on the screen. Each video class is designed to be practiced, for the most part, with your eyes closed. Listening to the words and applying them to your body, the same way students practice with Jeff live in the classroom. Students in the room often glance to see that they are interpreting the cues correctly, and you may do the same with the video.

Yes, there is a thoughtful and healing progression to Avita Yoga. Each class is unique and supported by the one before. Each succeeding video class will harmoniously lead you through your body and mind. It will include the systems, tissues, and cells. It’s not about the shape or “accomplishing” them. It’s about what the shape does for you.

The classes progress over time in a way that brings attention and detail to the movable parts of the body. It’s not just the shapes we do. It’s how they are practiced and sequenced in each class to bring predictable results.

Avita is not performance-based and perfection is never required. The “right” shape is the one that brings the restriction to awareness. Observed from within without judgment, the shape and your healed mind go to work for you. It works. It’s the results that you want and it’s the results that will inspire you to practice. There’s never a need to advance the shape.

When in doubt, reduce pressure or come out of the shape. Your body cannot heal under stress, and while the practice uses compression and pressure, it should never cause duress. Your breathing rate and heart rate should remain calm and slow throughout the practice. Remember, you don’t need to achieve the perfect shape. Listen to Jeff’s words and apply them knowing that LESS is MORE.

Avita Yoga works primarily on the connective tissue to dissolve restrictions in and around the joints. Resolving restrictions locally has a resonating effect throughout the rest of the body. Movement begets movement. Blood flow increases to areas where it was once lacking which bring nourishment to the cells while simultaneously removing damaging toxins.

It’s OK to practice Avita Yoga® with your doctor’s approval, and any recommended physical therapy is complete. You may begin practice sooner if you have been a consistent Avita student. Discuss with Jeff, and he’ll share a helpful protocol for you.

We’ll often target the stiffness and disorganization brought on by the surgery. It’s normal to work through some awkward discomfort following surgery. As always, practice sustainably with mild to moderate pressure. Over time, there is a cumulative effect when we practice three to four times per week.

Like most, you will want to continue practicing when traveling. If you can travel with a few simple materials like bolster, mat, and strap, that’s great. But once you get a feel for the practice, it’s easy to substitute on occasion with a firm pillow, belt, and blanket for a mat. Practice when you can. A little goes a long way when traveling.

Avita Props

Certainly! You may order individual pieces to complement what you already have to practice. GO HERE for details.

Avita Online is priced for all ages. However, financial constraints should not be the sole reason for not practicing. Maybe a little Avita Yoga will help you get back on track! Email us here, and we’ll find a way to work with you if you have financial hardship.

Account Management

You have total control of your account in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You may pause or cancel your membership at any time. If you have questions about the practice or if it’s not working for you, perhaps a short private session with Jeff will get you on the right track. Please email us here if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

Log in to your Union.fit account to Cancel the membership.

You will have access to your Avita Yoga Practice Series for the remaining days left in the month you have paid for. You will also see an option to REACTIVATE your membership – which you can do at any time and resume the practice series you were on before you left.