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We can tell you about the amazing results Avita Method can have on your life, but we think our members can tell you better. After all, what they think is what really matters.

Dear Jeff,
I just have to tell you how grateful I am to have found Avita before my knee replacement. My surgery was Wednesday. I did Class plan 33 yesterday and Class plan 34 today and the way my body feels after doing Avita is so different from when I just do the exercises that my physical therapist gave me last week. I haven’t seen him yet after surgery, I’m going tomorrow, but I know my Avita practice is going to give me what I’d hoped for. I was so nervous about losing my range of motion and I know that I won’t get all of it back, but with Avita I feel so much better about what that is going to look like. So very grateful.

Lynn W.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your class today on feet. I don’t know if Ingrid told you but I have been suffering with Dystopia. It causes my left foot to contract involuntarily, so much so that it is very hard to walk, much less ski or bike. The Neurologist suggested muscle relaxers and other drugs whose side effects are worse that the disease. The only other help might be botox injections, which I will try next week. Your class today was so informative and gave me more understanding and even more hope that I can get back to a better place. Your exercises were very helpful and I am making them part of my routine.

Denny D.

My wife, and I have been doing Avila yoga online tor several months now. I’ve had chronic back problems for years. I’ll be fine and then the simplest movement will throw things out of whack for days. The most recent episode took two weeks for me to feel “normal” again, and that’s when Barb convinced me to try Avita Yoga. Truly transformative and such a perfect balance of science and spirituality. I feel that if I stay with the practice, I’ll never have another issue with my back … and that’s the plan! Thank you for the work you do – it is hugely appreciated.

To that end, I sing your praises to friends who mention a crick in their neck or a knee giving them trouble, but it’s hard to describe how the subtle movement of Avita leads to such profound change. All the best


I am loving the green classes with Jeff! I feel amazing!! Both physically and mentally! I just now finished a class that focused on the feet. WOW!! What a difference! I love Jeff’s style of teaching ….. instruction, comments and silence all beautifully intertwined. Thank you!!


You gave me such a wonderful gift of your particular yoga and your kind personal support. I have so much gratitude for you coming into my life. Your yoga literally has transformed this 83-year-old body into a stronger, more flexible, more vibrant version. You will be in my heart for a long time to come.


I’m enjoying your online class but I miss your engaging presence while you were teaching at Yoga Loft You are the only teacher I’ve worked with, over the decades I’ve been doing yoga, who humbly, effectively sees yoga as basically a spiritual practice. Thank you for your commibnent to seeing beyond the form.

Nance W.

For the last 4 years your yoga teachings made a HUGE impact in my healing journey and self discovery and I can’t even imagine my week without your classes, so please do not stop teaching. In deep gratitude and with lots of love.

Ania S.

I am so glad I was introduced to Avita Yoga in the summer of 2018 so I had a chance to take classes with you and Lori in person before I moved to South Carolina. I had tried more traditional Yoga but it didn’t work for me. I’m VERY GRATEFUL for you sharing the gift of Avita Yoga and the way you teach it with your detailed online teaching explanations and meditations. You gave so much of yourself in every class. One meditation I often repeat to myself is “No one can take your peace away.” I so appreciate the meditative part of Avita Yoga.

I am still in the classes you recorded in October 2020, so everyone is wearing masks still. I am up to 2.39. Yes, I do like Series 2 very mudh. Once you talked me through the change over to Union, I have been continuing to take classes when I can, and my body is the better for it!

Thank you and I am so pleased you are continuing to record classes to watch on-line. I look forward to seeing where this new phase of your life leads you. I wish you much peace.

Sandra C.