Founder Jeff Bailey

Inspiration for Avita Yoga

Jeff Bailey discovered yoga in the mid-80s. His desire to understand the true joining nature of yoga has spanned 40 years of study and practice. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff integrates practical aspects of physiology, anatomy, emotional patterning, and compensatory movements into simple, digestible bits of information. It’s all to help students undo the restrictions on healthy movement and freedom of body and mind.

Jeff is a student. His life and practice are influenced by the works of Plato, Buddha, Jesus, The Yoga Sutras, and A Course in Miracles. If yoga joins, he asked from his heart, then what does it mean ‘to join’? The Answer is continually revealed as he identifies the blockages to the awareness of Love’s Presence and releases them. It brings purpose to a lifetime and paved the way for Avita Yoga.

With the goal to join established, all physical limitations and injuries were repurposed–not to fix, but to heal. Thus, through teachers, revelations, and personal insights, Jeff was given a way to share his helpful discoveries with others. Avita Yoga was born as a way to go beyond the typical “stretch and strengthen” approach with muscles to go deeper into bones, joints, nervous system, and ultimately the mind where all healing occurs.

It is not about accomplishing a yoga pose! It’s not about “getting better” at yoga! We must go deeper. Avita is a moving meditation that systematically uses attainable shapes to discover our healed Presence, which is what every sage, saint, and mystic wanted for us. It’s reflected in the first three Yoga Sutras, forms the foundation for Avita Yoga:
1.1 Now is the yoga practice.
1.2 We identify and remove the blockages.
1.3 The result is a natural awareness of true Self.

The wisdom of Avita Yoga could be summed up by the well-known poet Rumi, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

The Yoga Sutras According to A Course in Miracles

Two paths, one truth. The Yoga Mind combines The Yoga Sutras and A Course in Miracles in a way that allows you to apply their shared universal message directly to your life. Simple and yet profound, this book provides the keys to open the door to true Self! It works.