Founder Jeff Bailey

Inspiration for Avita Yoga

Jeff Bailey discovered yoga in the mid-80s. He remembers walking out of his first class feeling “as if I took my first full breath.” This love transcended 40 years of study and practice in yoga’s physical and spiritual aspects. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff integrates the complexities of physiology, anatomy, emotional patterns, and compensatory movements into simple, digestible bits of information that help students undo the restrictions on healthy movement and circulation. This is the yoga of the body where we identify the blockages to healthy mobility and dissolve them.

Jeff is a longtime student of A Course in Miracles. He first picked up the book in 1990 when it began to reveal the answer to his ongoing question: What does it mean ‘to join’ (the definition of yoga)? Jeff has infused The Course’s self-forgiving approach to peace and happiness into the heart of the Avita Method. This is the yoga of the mind where we identify the blockages to the awareness of Love’s Presence and let them go through the power of real forgiveness.

Having experience with physical limitations, injuries, and surgery, Jeff found a way to apply his expertise when developing the practice. Avita takes a results-first approach in that the student will often feel benefits almost immediately without necessarily understanding the depth of healing that is taking place. It is not about accomplishing a yoga pose! It is a moving meditation that weaves structurally integrative elements by utilizing attainable shapes that induce a deep healing Presence in the moment to rejuvenate the body and bring peace to mind.

The principal theology within Avita Yoga found in Yoga Sutras 1.1 to 1.3: Now is the yoga practice. We identify and remove the blockages to the clear and peaceful mind. The result is a natural awareness of true Self.

The principal theology found within Avita is quoted by the infamous rishi Patanjali, “We can only heal in the power of now.”

The Yoga Sutras According to A Course in Miracles

Two paths, one truth. The Yoga Mind combines The Yoga Sutras and A Course in Miracles in a way that allows you to apply their shared universal message directly to your life. Simple and yet profound, this book provides the keys to open the door to true Self! It works.