Purpose & Passion

Avita Yoga puts healing tools in the palm of your hand. It’s for those who want lasting results and are perhaps disenchanted by other styles of yoga or therapeutic models.

Avita's Core Values


Healing In the Power of NOW

HOW: The core foundation of Avita Yoga is establishing a healing state of mind. For thousands of years, yoga was all about healing the mind, which makes it an experience, not something to accomplish! Healing happens in the present moment, facilitated by time, introspection, and doable yoga shapes. The body becomes a vehicle to quickly access a healed state of mind, a key ingredient for lasting results.


Simple  Movements, Transformative Results

HOW: The Avita Method is intrinsically unique because it uses attainable shapes that promote physical and emotional wellbeing by reorganizing the body on all levels. It’s important to address physical blockages and the patterns and habits that accrue through aging, injury, and surgery.


Unfold Naturally, Grow Together

HOW: Avita is a universal yoga to be shared with all who are willing. Since it is for any body, results are limited only by the mind and indecision to practice. Avita Yoga fosters a sense of Wholeness through gentle self-study and practice, bringing purpose to life! The Teacher Training is for those inspired to learn, grow and share this helpful modality.


Movement For A Lifetime

HOW: Finding the inner resistance and observing it without judgment is the miracle that heals and undoes blockages. The Avita Method is a self-inquiry that helps the practitioner undo the blockages to freedom and the realization of true Self, the goal of a lifetime.


A  Moving Meditation to Know Self

HOW: The root meaning of Avita is “for life.” It is a systematic way of investigating the body and mind from the inside out. It brings rejuvenating effects on the body while harmonizing the mind to bring lasting freedom, peace, and happiness. The goal is to know thyself, peaceful and complete. Avita Yoga joins.