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Undoing the Primary Pattern

Undoing the Primary Pattern

This is an in-person workshop that covers the primary pattern. What’s that? It’s the pattern of time and gravity. It can be augmented with other patterns that result from injury. And whether the trauma is physical, emotional, or psychological, it has an impact and adds to the overall effect of time and gravity. Patterns we learn (often unconsciously) through our upbringing and childhood can also have an impact.

Regardless of our personal patterns and restrictions, it’s important to know that we can undo these effects on the body and mind to bring more freedom and peace. I think you will enjoy this workshop for its helpful content and the Avita Yoga throughout. You may consider doing the workshop in two halves, but if you can set the time aside, it will take you deep.

Materials: 1 Bolster, 1 Strap



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