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Shoulder Movement for Life

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The shoulders have the greatest range of motion of all our joints, so they are the first to lose their movement potential. Unfortunately, as movement potential is lost, arthritis, calcification, and degeneration occur. Almost everyone at some stage will bump into the pain and limitation of the shoulder unless we do something about it. And the good news is, we can! This workshop will elaborate on the therapeutic healing process that comes as we regain and maintain shoulder range of motion.

It is not a strength and stretch program.
It will help you peel back the layers to understand how the shoulder functions and what you can do to keep them healthy. We’ll explore a short series of Avita Yoga shapes that bring healing movement to your shoulders to reduce pain and increase your range of motion.




· Workshop Replay
· Three Shoulder-Focused Avita Classes
· Healing Shoulder Shapes PDF
· Physiology of Avita Yoga Informational Video

It’s PERFECT for you if:

  • Chronic shoulder pain stops you from doing simple daily tasks – from reaching the top shelf or pulling a shirt over your head.
  • You are an athlete and have overused or abused your shoulders. It’s easy to do.
  • You have shoulder pain that wakes you up or keeps you from getting comfortable at night.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with bicep tendinosis, rotator cuff tendinitis, tear or rupture, subacromial impingement, or frozen shoulder.
  • You are considering shoulder surgery or replacement.
  • You want a way to maintain healthy shoulders regardless of injuries or stage of life.
  • You’re proactive and want a highly effective set of tools to look after your shoulders long-term – without relying on medication or surgery.
  • This workshop can be purchased separately but is FREE with a monthly practice subscription.

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