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Low Back and Hip Freedom

Low Back & Hip Workshop

This workshop presentation covers the basic anatomy of the lower back and hip joint and the physiology that is essentially your personal inner healing mechanism. It just needs to be stimulated, and I will show you how! I hope this information will replace your urge to reach for medication and give your healing power away to the medical profession. Keep your healing power, listen and apply the insights and keep your back and hips moving for life!

It’s PERFECT for you if:

  • You have Chronic low back pain – it could show up from sitting or driving. It could come from your favorite activities, like cycling, running, or hiking.
  • You have sciatic pain that radiates down your leg.
  • You have hip pain that wakes you up or keeps you from getting comfortable at night.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with arthritis or degeneration and told a hip replacement, or back surgery is in your future.
  • You want a way to maintain healthy hips and low back…for life!


  • Workshop insights on the interdependence of the lower back and hips and why they must be addressed for optimal health
  • 3 Low back and hip-specific Classes
  • Downloadable Lower back and hip Specific Shapes PDF
  • Healing Physiology of Avita Video
  • All for $27 – Lifetime Replay Access Included!

Remember to download the PDF (link visible when you watch the first video) for an easy reference guide to healing shapes for your back and hips. Email here with any questions. I’m also happy to set up a private session over Zoom to help you make the most of your practice.



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