Going Deeper with Avita

Please join Jeff Bailey for this LIVE post-conference session, where Jeff will elaborate on the nature and purpose of Avita Yoga.

Learn why (and how), so many are benefitting from this doable, non-dual yoga practice. Jeff will address questions like, “How does Avita take a non-dual approach to yoga? Why does yoga mean “to join?” And why don’t you stretch the muscles? But please bring your questions to the session or write your question to Jeff in advance! Maybe you have a particular bodily issue you’d like to address?

This follow-up is a beautiful opportunity to learn about the healing nature of Avita Yoga. The style will be Q&A. I’ll have a person with me to demonstrate but mostly I’ll be fielding questions.

*60 minutes session | Friday, May 6,2022 at 2 pm ET. 

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